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You obviously don’t know me, but let me tell you why you should.
I’m one of the reasons you have an audience.
I’m one of the hundreds of creators, who allowed you to make your YouTube series from my work and entertain thousand of viewers.
I’m one of the hundreds of nameless community members who…

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Look where I went today!

Met Dr Anne Musser, who was our guide, and is also brilliant.



What does this remind you of?

I’ll give you a hint: “Luke… I AM your father.”

Mathcraft - testing probability of dispensing using #Minecraft scoreboards.

Results to follow.



(Map - WIP. Give it a go and let me know!)

Green Nether #Minecraft challenge:

1. Go into the Nether

2. Select the ‘Secret Settings’ option and cycle to ‘Green’.

3. Good luck

Let’s have a go at this then.